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Unlimited internet in The Netherlands

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Unlimited SIM

Use the Internet without limits

Proviced’s Business Unlimited data SIM is a 4G data-only SIM card with completely unlimited Internet for the business user. We offer Business Unlimited in two modules: NL-only and EU. Contrary to the fair-use-policies that most of the other providers apply, the Business Unlimited SIM does not contain any restrictions on usage or speed. The SIM is not pinched, so the same 4G/4G+ speed always applies. Even if you use a terabyte per month.
The advantage of Proviced’s Business Unlimited SIM is that unlimited Internet is easily and flexibly available anywhere in The Netherlands and Europe. The SIM has extensive coverage and is therefore ideal in rural areas where the Internet speed via fixed connections is slow or insufficient. On top of that, the Business Unlimited SIM is perfect as a temporary solution when waiting for the delivery of your fibre optic connection or for temporary usage such as at festivals, fairs, congresses and other events.

Temporary connection

The delivery time for business fibre optic connections for companies is 3 to 6 months on average. The Business Unlimited SIM with the NL module is an ideal solution whilst waiting for your fibre optic connection, because the card has unlimited data. With this SIM you will be online within 24 hours. Apart from this SIM-only option, Proviced also offers Temporary Business Internet, a plug and play complete solution.

  • Really unlimited 4G data
  • Can be terminated monthly
  • Online within 24 hours

Internet in rural areas

Do you work in an outside area and do you want to be assured of fast and stable Internet there? Then the Business Unlimited data SIM is perfect for you. Rural areas are well known for their poor Internet signals through fixed Internet lines. The high coverage ratio of Business Unlimited SIM offers a solution.

  • Always assured of the strongest network
  • Really unlimited 4G data
  • Can be terminated monthly

Internet at events

Proviced’s Business Unlimited data SIM is ideal for events. We offer fully unlimited Internet for your event. It is also possible to use several unlimited SIM cards at the same time, so that SIMS are stacked. This way, many people can experience a fast internet speed simultaneously during your festival, congress or fair.

  • Really unlimited 4G data
  • 4G/4G+ for a large number of users
  • Daily- and weekly bundles available

Internet for recreational purposes

Proviced’s Business Unlimited data SIM is ideal for holiday parks and campsites in The Netherlands and Europe. With this SIM your guests benefit from using unlimited internet during their holidays. Streaming films and series, for example, is no problem.

  • Fully unlimited Internet
  • 4G/4G+ for a large number of users
  • Seasonal solutions available

Internet in construction

Proviced’s Business Unlimited SIM provides you with internet on your construction site, based on a flexible 4G solution. With this, you are not dependent on fixed internet connections with long durations. On top of that the Business Unlimited SIM really offers fast Internet, so that you receive the corrects speeds whilst building.

  • Flexible duration of contract
  • Fast 4G Internet
  • Completely unlimited 4G Internet

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Premium Unlimited NL - 12 Months
/ Month
Bundle: Fully unlimited Internet / Month
Netherlands Only
Non Steered

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