M2M & IoT

Machine to Machine

M2M, or machine to machine, is an application which connects two or more devices are connected to the Internet via an M2M SIM card. That way they can exchange information. An example of this is an alarm system which is connected to a control room and immediately reports a status in the event of an emergency. Only in case of a programmed action the alarm responds and transmits this information to the control room.
Internet of Things (IoT) often goes much further than simply reporting a status and can be used for almost any process imaginable. Small sensors and measuring devices collect information and transmit this to a database through an Internet connection. This database then converts it to understandable conclusions. IoT makes it possible to automatically perform actions without the use of physical employees.


We provide machine to machine SIM cards on an M2M wholesale basis for a wide group of sectors, like security, M2M the public sector, healthcare, transport and logistics. Proviced’s M2M cards are unique, because the SIM card provider is independent with multiple networks on one SIM card. In addition, the SIM card automatically connects to the strongest available network at that moment, so you always benefit from good coverage.

Internet of Things

Proviced’s IoT SIM ensures that devices become smarter by the use of sensors, so that the lifespan of the device in question is extended. This way it is possible, for example, to measure and monitor the temperature whilst transporting fresh produce. As soon as the temperature rises above a certain temperature, a signal is transmitted, so that action can be taken and the fresh products do not spoil. Proviced’s IoT SIM is also ideal for healthcare, because the IoT SIM can be placed in the hospital’s devices. It then is able to immediately make the information from certain tests visible to the doctor, the pharmacy and third parties.

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