Fixed IP

Fixed IP address

Every device that is connected to the Internet is automatically assigned a unique code, the dynamic or fixed IP address. This IP address can be seen as the name of the device so that everything that happens online can be traced back to the user. Because of the enormous growth in the amount of devices being used, it is practically impossible to give every device its own fixed IP address. For this reason the provider also issues dynamic IP addresses.
These dynamic IP addresses come from the provider’s large pool and change continuously. This makes it impossible to access them via the Internet. It also means that dynamic IP addresses are a lot less rare and therefore a cost effective solution. The big disadvantage of dynamic IP addresses is that they are not fixed and that the devices can never be accessed remotely. It is impossible to know which IP address belongs to a device and when it will be changed.

Fixed public IP address

A fixed IP address is an IP address that is assigned to a device and cannot be changed anymore. A fixed public IP address is public, then it can be accessed remotely by anyone with an Internet connection. This has many advantages. Because of this it is possible to manage the device or, for example, register it in software, such as a firewall or remote work spaces. At the same time the public IP address also poses security risks. Each device must be secured separately and is easier to hack than private IP addresses.

Fixed private IP address

A fixed private IP address, just as public IP addresses, stays the same and can therefore be linked to a device. The big difference with the private IP addresses is the way it is accessed. Where public IP addresses can be accessed by anyone through the Internet, a private IP address has a VPN tunnel. That means that all the IP addresses are part of one VPN and cannot be accessed remotely. The user first needs to log in to the VPN and can then connect to the IP address. This additional security is beneficial because the devices do not need to be secured individually anymore and that the risks of external attacks are much smaller.
Both types of IP addresses have advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important to consider which solution suits your situation best. Of course we will be happy to discuss this with you to find a custom solution together.

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