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4G Back-up Internet

Backup internet

A fast and stable Internet connection (and a backup internet solution) is essential for your company. When your Internet connection is not working or not working correctly, this directly influences your daily tasks.
Whether it concerns email, telephony, digital financial processes or supply systems; a short interruption in these activities can lead to long-term damage or loss of reputation. Proviced’s Backup Internet offers the solution.

4G as backup internet

The need for reliable backup internet is growing fast. Many companies therefore invest a lot of money in a second fixed Internet line, an unnecessarily complicated and expensive setup for the whole back-up system. With Proviced’s backup Internet this is no longer necessary. Our flexible 4G backup solution is easy to install, cost effective and very reliable.

Automatic Internet backup

You can easily connect Proviced’s 4G backup connection to your current router by using a dongle or a 4G backup router. In case of an outage of your fixed Internet connection, the 4G backup router automatically takes over all Internet traffic. All important company processes will proceed undisturbed. You only pay for your usage and will therefore not have high monthly costs. Once the Internet outage is over, the router will automatically switch back to your fixed Internet connection.

Proviced’s 4G backup solution is suitable for any situation and company size. Choose the solution that suits your organisation.

Proviced offers various bundles and hardware solutions, which enables you to put together your own package. Because of this, the 4G backup solution is always the most cost effective solution for your organisation.
4G backup SIM

If your current router contains a 4G SIM slot, then you do not need anything else but a 4G backup SIM which you can put directly into your router. The 4G backup then runs through your current router and your Internet connection can keep working as usual.

4G LTE Dongle (USB)

If your router does not have a 4G SIM slot, but does have a USB-port, then the best choice is an LTE dongle. Simply connect it via your USB port and you immediately have use of all the 4G functions.

4G LTE backup router

Even when your router does not have a SIM slot or USB port you can easily use a 4G backup solution. You simply connect our 4G LTE backup router to your current router, ensuring a continuous connection.

Proviced Backup
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Bundle: 100 MB / Month
White label eSIM
KPN & T-Mobile in The Netherlands
To be used in the EU
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A shopping centre, several branches or a large (office) building?

Whether you are dealing with several branches, a large project or you simply want custom advice; we would be happy to discuss this with you!

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